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Joined us on 9th July 2017
Unlike Hope who came by when I was not ready to have another dog, when I was still silently nursing from the loss of my soulmates Golden and Silver, Jasper is a ready adoption initiated by me. 
Saw a friend's posting for adoption on FB while I was out of SG. 
Messaged him that I may be able to adopt and the rest is history.

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Hope, who came from nowhere, who cant seem to hear.

She is not Golden. (R.I.P 30.11.2015. Cremated and back home with us) Definitely not even Silver (R.I.P 14.09.2013. Cremated and back home with us).

Last night was a stormy night. Hope slept peacefully on the cushion.

She is not Golden. Golden would squeeze, hide and duck her head in between me and any other thing possible. Golden was super terrified of thunder. She was my real time weather indicator. 

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Remembering Golden & Silver...

R.I.P Silver 20.08.2002 - 15.09.2013

R.I.P Golden 16.10.2001 - 30.11.2015

You know you always hold a special place deep down in my heart.

No longer by my side, forever in my heart.

You taught me so much unconditional love. You gave me so much unconditional love.


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